Aussie Innovation raises $6.1m seed round from Google, Slack and others

Cofounders of Hugo, Josh Lowy and Darren Chait have just raised a $6.1m seed round led by Google’s AI-focused investment fund, Gradient Ventures. Slack Fund, Founder Collective and Entrée Capital.

The Pain 

With more and more virtual meetings taking place , insights from meetings stay siloed inside different teams and get lost.


There needs to be a methodology of sharing and collating meeting notes across teams within companies, to reduce redundancy and improve information accessibility.

The Painkiller

Hugo is a productivity app that does this via collaborative note-taking – it’s sort of like a wiki software.( Notion, which recently reached a $2 billion valuation. )


Hugo’s innovation is a platform that integrates deeply within a user’s calendar, recognizing things like past notes from a meeting with a specific person.

The platform uses various software integrations such as Jira bug reports , Zendesk ticket requests, Slack and Google’s G Suite.

Hugo is free for up to 40 users, charges a flat $399 fee up to 100 users and relies on custom pricing beyond that. 

The Customers

Hugo’s customers include teams at Netflix, Dropbox, Shopify and Twitter.